Kurban Bayrami-Eid al-Adha-Festival of Sacrifice

(- O my sweety. Your child? Tell me what do you want to be when you grow older?
- Cooked meat)
Today is the first day of festival... Today, everybody wakes up early in the morning, men go to mosques for morning prayers... Then big family breakfasts, then visiting relatives. I like every idea that brings together the friends, families and people that havent seen each other for months.

One big religious festival is Ramadan. The second one is Eid el -Adha. In the second one, you sacrifice one animal, either a cow, a sheep or a ram. You divide the meats and deliver to people in need. Western world mostly likes to criticize about cutting so many animals in the world. I know sometimes there are wild scenes. But there is a much deeper meaning in this. The reason for cutting an animal dates back to thousands of years. When Prophet Abraham wanted so much a boy from God and promises that he will sacrifice it at the age of 13. Then his son, Ismail, borns and reaches the age 13. Abraham takes his son to a place to sacrifice as he has promised. But just at the second he puts the knife on his son's throat God sends him a sheep thanking that he kept his promise. So he sacrifices the animal and saves his son. So from then every year Muslims thank God for saving their sons. If you want some information go to links:

Have a nice Bayram...

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