Troya and real trust

The handsome but coward Paris, the Troya Prince falls in love with Greek Helen and takes her to his hometown. But what they forget is the thousands of Greek ships coming to open the war of honour on Troy... They fight for 10 years, millions die... Nobody wins like in all of the wars... But the beautiful heaven city Troy burns down to all its ashes..

This war -maybe the only war that started for a "good reason" -woman, going back to thousands of years, happened in these lands of Turkey, called Canakkale, on the northwest coast. The actors of the story that Homeros told thousands of years ago have lived in my land. 

For the last six months, the successful "Fire of Anatolia" dancers have been performing the story of Helen, Paris, Achilleus, Hector and thousands that have died to protect the people that trusted them...  More than 200 dancers perform the dances of different regions of Anatolia. They come one by one, from Aegean, Black Sea, Lydians, Amazon women and all others... 

I was very impressed on how they danced so in great harmony. The musics and costumes are wonderful. They have already started touring around the world. So if "Troya" ever passes your city, never miss it!!! 

(You can watch the trailer on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6wxqNVPfoM address)

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