Hi... Merhaba... Ciao... Hola...

Hi to everyone... Merhaba...

Today, 10/Oct/08 I started my blog. The reason I write here is for others to know my country, beautiful Turkey, my travels -I do a lot- and to meet different people in the incredibly fast changing and expanding world.
I always kept a diary through my school years filling loads of pages with my life, spending hours to write them and then spending another extra hours trying to hide them from my mother. However now I am here making my some part of my life open to maybe millions. Just a contradiction as years go by and world changes.

I will write by blog in English, because there is no translation in internet from Turkish to English. Maybe with this, "they" can recognize why there is no technic for a language that is spoken for more than 300 million people all over the world. But you are free to comment in any language that I can understand, Turkish, English, little bit of Italian.

Welcome again...

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Linda dedi ki...

Hey Ciao little sharming blogger, nice to read you....again!

What you can write in a blog? maybe your past adventures...perhaps yeah, or maybe you can use it like a new chapter of your life...sometimes put on paper (web) your stream of consciousness can be one of the best ideas...expecially when this is a Bilge's stram.

Let it stream

Italian maymun damiano

PINAR dedi ki...

ilk comment yazan ben olayim dedim ama bu ne hiz,damiano kapmis yeri :)
bloglarin hep ne ise yaradigini merak etmisimdir,yani gercekten ne ise yaradigini.sayende ogrenmis olurum ben de artik :)belki bi ara ben de yazarim o zaman..
sen de yazicak malzeme tukenmez nasilsa,hehe..hayirli olsun bitanem..cok optum seni..

Uğur dedi ki...

Sevgili "yaralı",
Resimdeki sen misin ??? Çok havalı olmuş.
Sanal günlüğünü sürekli takip edicem, ama maceralarının ne kadarına yetişebilirim bilemiyorum.
Birgün görüşüp lisedeki günleri hatırlamak dileğiyle.

violet_baudelaire dedi ki...

Hi!! Very nice picture of you!
I am sure you will be a more constant writer than me I started a blog a few months ago, but I never keep it updated.
Looking forward to read you ;-)

violet_baudelaire dedi ki...

P.S. I don't think there is any technique to translate automatically from Italian to English either, in a blog at least...Or from any other language...What do you mean exactly? Non capisco e sono curiosa;-))