There is a sky somewhere...

New York... Life runs so fast in this city. Faster than Istanbul. Streets are narrow and half is definitely under construction. 
Every corner is full of homeless, and the corner of Wall Street showing the two faces of the new world...
I like the rush always, but this city is so crowded. Coming from Istanbul, if I say crowded, it definitely is. I have been to some like 10 states in US and this is the most "foreigner" one. People are first foreigners; second foreigners to each other. 
But this is New York. Alive 24 hours, fresh with new lives entering its territory every day... but doesnt let people see the sun at 3 pm in the afternoon diving into the blue sky. When I thought it was evening in the afternoon, I remembered Ken Loach's film on 9/11. It was showing how the city got sun after the twin towers came down with the attacks. Of course it is a terrible way to see the sun, but I felt good to see that there are some people that do want to see the sun all day long!!!

Have a nice day. 

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Ashley dedi ki...

New york Rock ! It's one of my favourite city that i wanna see before my end :)