A forgotten Eurasia Marathon

Just to chill out... and because of the ridiculous (did i write right?:)) banning of blogspot I couldnt put pictures of Eurasia Marathon. It is done almost for the last 10 years annually. Runners in the morning start from Asia, then cross over the Bosphorus Bridge and end in Taksim. Because the bridge is at normal times close to pedestrians, typical Turkish citizens use the marathon as a way to walk, have breakfast, celebrate birthdays on the bridge one time in a year. This exactly shows how we are so interested in running::))

If you ask me, no I didnt run, because I had to work and it was raining crazily. See, I am not that sportsperson either... I changed by time::)
NOTE: If you look carefully at the background of the photo with the sign on, you can see my newspaper, SABAH, with capital letters vertically..


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